Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is where marketing gets up close and personal with a huge audience. When it is successful, a social media post can go viral. Word of mouth is valuable.


Social media is the greatest new marketing opportunity and going viral is the new gold standard. It is the easiest way to put yourself out there and get noticed. Interest in a post on social media does not just grow, it multiplies exponentially. Leverage social media to build your brand awareness and get higher rankings on search engines. Good exposure on social media helps with brand recall and also builds familiarity and trust. The more favorable comments you get from satisfied customers across social media the more valuable and tangible your brand becomes. When you keep reminding your customer base of your products and services, you convert casual interest into a purchase. Our expert team will help you design or tweak your social media campaigns to best leverage this exciting marketing medium.

Social Media marketing

Build Your Profile

Creating a social media profile is not as simple as filling in the details. A company’s social media profile must be consistent across different platforms. It should be as carefully constructed as the website and optimized to be easily searchable by search engines. The profile should clearly describe what the company offers to both visitors and search engines. The use of appropriate keywords and filling in all the relevant details is very important here. It helps the profile page to show up on organic searches. Most times, when a person finds you through social media it is the profile page that they view. The profile should interest them enough to generate a lead or a click through to your website.

Keep People Engaged

The attention span of a social media user is very small. One has to be seen but there is a fine line between too much and too little. It takes a knowledgeable social media manager to create a social media strategy that keeps people engaged without becoming a nuisance. Very infrequent posts will drown in the waves of competing posts. Optimum visibility and maximum shares are the goals of SMM. Keeping in mind that most people would be seeing the posts across different platforms, care should be taken to send the same message across different platforms without losing freshness. Even the time of day and the day of the week that you post on is based on the target demography of the campaign. A post that has a call to action gets the viewer personally involved with the marketing campaign. If the action is entertaining, you would have made the viewer feel good and remember you.

Improve The Content

The content that you create on social media needs to be just as valuable as the content on a website. In addition to this, it must also strive to be fresh and relevant. Unlike website content, the content on social media does not stand alone. It must compete with numerous others that are displayed side by side and get noticed. This requires constant innovation and creativity. Content should engage the viewer and then encourage a click through to the company website generating a lead. We at Thirdlaw thrive on the challenge of reinventing different ways to get your message across. Our expertise in the technical and creative aspects of SMM ensures that your output across platforms is engaging, exciting and technically sound.

Results Tracking

The most satisfying and educational aspect of SMM is result tracking. Whether positive or negative, the results of a social media marketing campaign give a company valuable insight into the aspirations and expectations of the end customer. It tells you which aspect of your product or service is more exciting to the customer and which are no longer relevant. It gives you vital feedback on the changing trends of an ever-evolving market. The results of a social media marketing campaign can guide a company in adjusting the focus of its marketing campaign in response to what gets the most views. It can even assist in making strategic decisions based on the feedback. Results tracking also tells you what return you are getting from your online marketing spends.