Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO gets you listed on search results. Great SEO gets you listed far ahead of your competition. It gives your website more traffic and visibility.

Why SEO?

SEO is one of the bedrock foundations of online marketing. Most online businesses reach new customers through organic searches. The difference between ranking high on the first page of a search and ranking in the later pages is huge. One naturally tends to click on the choices presented at the top of search results.

At Thirdlaw, we give your website professional SEO optimization so you rank high in web searches and get found easily. Our team carefully researches the most highly searched keywords and then incorporates them in meaningful text and content. We build more traffic to your site. A website truly serves its purpose when it helps exponentially multiply leads and sales generated online. Optimization also improves the customer experience. A happy visitor is more likely to keep coming back. The benefits of SEO are multifold; it builds traffic to the site, increases brand building and exposure and thereby grows your business.

SEO Digital Marketing services

On-page Optimization

The most important fundamental of SEO is on-page optimization which is also referred to as on-site optimization. On-page optimization is easier to get right as it is completely in the designer’s control.  Just blindly stuffing with keywords is no longer viable as search engine algorithms have grown leaps and bounds in sophistication. The content that is written for each page should be high quality and of value to people visiting the site in addition to being SEO friendly. Search engines list a website based on the content they are able to see on it. This includes the code that is not visible to the viewer. A website has to be well structured and responsive to be user-friendly and to be easily crawled by a search engine. Every component of each web page should be intelligently designed for SEO. This includes all tags and headings as well as the alternate text options.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the SEO process that is not on the webpage or the website. Off-page SEO gives your web page exposure and a presence on other webpages. The simplest way to gauge this is to see how many other sites link back to yours. More links are a measure of how valuable your website and its content is to people. It measures the trust and value that your brand and your content has earned. The backlinks have to be relevant to be of more use. It is also important to ensure that the layout of your website encourages equal links and value to subpages as well as the homepage. All related pages should be properly structured and linked. Intelligent and properly targeted social media marketing and mentions of your brand in the relevant pages create linkbacks. Sometimes comment posts and guest posts are also used to build backlinks.

Page Speed Optimization

With an increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile phones, page speed optimization is very important. This is the speed at which a page appears on your screen from the server. Page speed optimization not only makes the website more enjoyable and quick for the user but also helps improve search engine ranks. Page speed optimization is at the most basic level dependent on the speed of the hosting server. Choose the host wisely. There is also much that a developer can do when building a site to ensure that it performs at its quickest and best. Our experienced developers at Thirdlaw design all aspects of your site to ensure that it is fast. This includes elements such as cache plugins, image optimization, and minifying plugins. There are many technical aspects of a website that can be tweaked to improve page speed.