Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media is the hottest and most exciting channel of interaction and marketing. Is your website social media optimized to gain all the advantages of social media?

Why SMO?

Social media marketing is a two-pronged online marketing tool. It generates leads from potential customers and also helps raise your standing with search engines. SMO or social media optimization makes all your web pages easily shareable. If someone likes what they see on your page and it has prominent ways to be shared, the viewer can easily share it. If you have viewers who like your content so much that they start following you, you have created a captive audience for any subsequent marketing campaigns or offers. SMO also helps you create a channel of interaction between you and the targeted customer. Our SMO team helps you tailor your website and content to be more shareable and catchy.


URL Sharing

When one has a presence across various social media platforms it is very important to maintain consistency across all of them. This increases familiarity and brand building. It is also important that the user names remain consistent across all of them. The social media URLs and the URLs that are used across all the online channels should ideally be the same or similar. This makes it very easy to remember. It also makes you stand apart from other similar-sounding users.

Image Sharing

Images say more with less. A picture is far more exciting and interesting to share than text. So, image sharing increases the probability of being shared when compared to a selection of text. A person is also more likely to recollect seeing an image rather than text. The familiarity that a customer feels with an image or a style of an image associated with a company builds immense brand value and brand recognition. So, if you make the image content of your website just as valuable and recognizable as the textual content, you will benefit on social media. People search for images as they do text. Making your image content easily searchable also gives your website a traffic boost when people searching for a particular keyword find your image.

Content Sharing

To build a presence online, the key factor is excellent and meaningful content. Regardless of how much SEO you have implemented on your website, you cannot fully leverage social media without content sharing. When your content is designed to encourage sharing across multiple channels it can get immense exposure. When it is shared and re-shared it drives huge traffic to the site and generates greater awareness and more leads. More shares and thereby views generate more revenue. In addition to this, the sharing of your content greatly improves your search rankings. So content is still the driving force behind the value and relevance that a website offers visitors. Shareable content gives you a bigger potential audience.

Video Sharing

Gone are the days when anything was painstakingly explained through text and supporting images. Videos do the job so much better. Video sharing has revolutionized the way we convey our messages. Social media is largely biased towards visual content over textual content. A properly thought out video clip, even if short and sweet gets the message across regardless of language and other barriers. Our team helps you create crisp and informative video clips that are extremely shareable. To achieve this aim, the clip has to be attractive and relevant to the targeted potential audience. A formal video would have to be informative and appealing. In an informal marketing campaign, a video would have to be informative, unique and fun. Striking just the right balance between informative and engaging gets more shares.