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THIRDLAW exists with versatile talents inside our hub. We offer you innovative Business Solutions .A good website is the index of your business. We build websites that are professional, elegant and crowd pulling. Join your hands with THIRDLAW Digital marketing experts.

If there is just one thing that can make your business grow exponentially, it is marketing. And in today’s digital world marketing is ‘digital marketing’.

We grumble that people are so lost in their smart devices that they do not interact personally. But the reality is that the best place for your digital advertising is right there in the palm of a potential customer’s hand.

Thirdlaw Digital marketing services

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

On page optimization

On-page Optimization

The most important fundamental of SEO is on-page optimization which is also referred to as on-site optimization.

Off Page optimization

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the SEO process that is not on the webpage or the website. Off-page SEO gives your web page exposure ..

Page speed optimizer

Page Speed Optimization

With an increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile phones, page speed optimization is very important.

Social Media Optimization(SMO):

Url sharing

URL Sharing

When one has a presence across various social media platforms it is very important to maintain consistency across all of them.

image sharing

Image Sharing

Images say more with less. A picture is far more exciting and interesting to share than text.

Content Sharing

Content Sharing

To build a presence online, the key factor is excellent and meaningful content. Regardless of how much SEO you have implemented on your website

Video sharing

Video Sharing

Gone are the days when anything was painstakingly explained through text and supporting images. Videos do the job so much better.

Social Media Marketing(SMM):

Profile Builder

Build Your Profile

Creating a social media profile is not as simple as filling in the details. A company’s social media profile must be consistent across different platforms

People Engaged

Keep People Engaged

The attention span of a social media user is very small. One has to be seen but there is a fine line between too much and too little.

Improve Content

Improve The Content

The content that you create on social media needs to be just as valuable as the content on a website. In addition to this, it must also strive to be fresh and relevant.

Result tracking

Results Tracking

The most satisfying and educational aspect of SMM is result tracking give a company valuable insight into the aspirations and expectations of the end customer.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):



Adwords or Google Ads is Google’s search engine marketing feature. It is a system by which you can bid on keywords that are relevant to your website.

Social media campaign

Campaign strategies

Thirdlaw helps you conceptualize and implement a branding and advertising campaign strategy that is relevant to your products and services.

ROI Focused stratergies

ROI Focussed Strategies

The most important piece of information, however, is the return on investment (ROI) that your online advertising brings to the table.

Pay per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising charges you for every click-through that your ad generates. You still have to bid on the keywords that you want for your ads.



The analytics feature of an online paid advertising campaign may seem too technical but is the heart of the campaign.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an online tool that helps you strategically use your content to generate more leads and grow your business.

Video sharing

Web Development

A good website is the index of your business.We build websites that are professional, elegant and crowd pulling.

Android & Ios Apps

Android and IOS apps

Apps we develop have impeccable performances in all possible ways.We prioritise UX/UI to be refined and artistic.