Effective Multichannel Digital Marketing Strategy – Evolving Digital Marketing Solutions For Business.

Having a good website and a digital marketing plan is the equivalent of having a well-designed visiting card. The visiting card would only be useful if it reaches the hands of prospective buyers. Similarly, the whole strategy of digital marketing is to get widely seen by all the right people online. A good digital marketing campaign appeals to a customer but a great digital marketing campaign draws the customer in and results in purchases, i.e., return on investment (ROI).

Multiple channel marketing is the targeting of ads and marketing material at potential customers through as many means as possible. This would include email, online advertising on search engines, relevant websites, social media and every new avenue that evolves. It also means ads that are accessible on multiple devices.

Get The Basics Right: Include Variety

The very first and most basic foundation of a good digital marketing campaign is to create the right content. The content that you put up should be just as exciting for the viewer as well as search engines. When you get your SEO right you increase the ability of a search engine to properly crawl your site. In addition to this, the creation of content that is unique and useful to potential site visitors makes it rank better.

When you have multiple digital marketing channels your ads will be varied; text, images, and videos among others. Having an equally good variety of content on your website will make it attractive to visitors from different channels. I will also be found on non-text searches. And when you make sharing easy, great images and videos gain the site more exposure.

Why Multiple Channels: Be Seen Widely

There is no longer just one or two attractive channels for digital marketing unless there is one very specific demographic that you are targetting. So, multi-channel digital marketing is the right way to go. And while it might seem like overkill to the layman, it is actually the best way to go. Since ads are shown only based on the specifics that you choose, you can narrow your targetted audience across multiple channels.

When you advertise and have an active presence on many channels, it allows you to be seen by your potential customers in multiple ways. You also connect and interact with your regular customers on their favorite channels. Ideally, this should lead to them following you on the channel. This becomes an ongoing communication channel with a captive and interested audience for your posts.

Evolving Digital Marketing Strategy: Refine And Customise Continually

An effective and economical digital marketing strategy is one that is being constantly reviewed and being improved. When you have multiple channels of advertising, you can view the trends and the numbers of actual click-throughs and ROI on each channel. This can help your digital marketing strategy to evolve in response to the ROI of each channel. When you see some channels doing better than others, you can expand the spend and exposure on those channels.

Having multiple channels of marketing means that you create different ads for different channels. This will ensure that even if you have the same viewers on multiple channels they will be presented with varied content. Since the approach is different on different channels, at least one of these will be more appealing than the other and generate a sale. However, uniformity in branding and look will generate familiarity with the brand. Brand building is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Familiarity and continuing engagement with a brand then lead to trust and a long relationship with the customer.

Wider Reach: Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Digital marketing allows companies to reach a very wide audience. Conversely, this also puts them up against a larger number of competitors. So, the best way to get seen ahead of the competition is simply to have a presence everywhere. The more channels that your digital marketing campaign targets, the more your chances of being seen by the relevant viewers. So, in this crowded market, it is worth the extra effort to be seen on various marketing channels.

Digital marketing analytics and data from each channel give insight into the behavior patterns of the viewers. This is very important information that can be used to tailor future campaigns. It also tells you which approach has reached the audience more effectively.

Digital Marketing On Multiple Social Media Channels

Communication and interaction between people both in business and personal lives largely happen on social media. In a world where people are busy with packed schedules, social media lets them keep in touch with contacts, news, updates and favorite products in bite-sized social media posts. This makes social media the best place for a digital marketing campaign.

Social media posts have one great advantage over any other traditional or digital marketing channels. While other marketing channels have the ability to be widely viewed and appreciated, social media allows your ad to be shared and reshared over and over. This is what leads to the modern phenomenon of something going ‘viral’…it gets shared so much that it seems to be everywhere. Going viral is the gold standard of digital marketing.

So, we can clearly see that in a market where extreme personalization is the key, it pays to connect to your customers on the channel that he/she prefers. This would mean creating a marketing strategy that varies according to the needs of the channel that you are using. It takes some effort and a lot of creativity but the pay off is worth it.  This shows that you value the customer’s preference and that you are willing to reach out and stay connected.

Different Devices And Habits

The online habits and devices that are used to access the internet are varied. So, a digital marketing campaign should factor this aspect also into the overall digital marketing strategy. It is increasingly seen that even when consumers buy from brick and mortar stores they look up the products online. Some may even ask for opinions on various online platforms. This makes it necessary to have a presence on multiple digital marketing channels.

At the end of the day, the wider your marketing net the more likely you are to generate new leads and sales.



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