Digital Marketing Techniques to Engage Business

An introduction to the world of digital marketing. What is it and why does it help your business grow?


Marketing is how companies get seen by target customers. Businesses have always preferred to market themselves through the most popular media. The most desirable marketing medium is always the one that gets seen the most. This has evolved from fliers, billboards, print ads, and TV advertisements.  As the customer base, that is people such as you and I, have started using technology more and more, marketing has followed. It is simple. Today, digital media gets more views.


Digital Vs Online Marketing


Marketing has gone beyond the internet and online marketing services. Digital devices are so much a part of one’s daily life that we rely on digital technology even when not connected to the internet. This is why the term digital marketing is more accurate than online marketing.


How Does Digital Marketing Save Money?


The capacity to track, store, analyze and interpret the history of a customer’s behavior has created an evolution in advertising, products, and services. Customer behavior patterns are a valuable mine of information for companies looking to focus and target their budget and resources.


The advertisements and marketing services of companies have progressed from one size fit all to unique customer experiences. It makes more sense to present marketing material to customers that are more likely to generate revenue. This has led to companies and online marketers creating tailor-made intuitive advertising. Their marketing budget is spent in a more focused manner. The end goal is to create more traffic to a business website at the least cost. This traffic will translate into revenue if it is from customers that exactly fit the profile that the ad is targeted at. There is less spend on customers who are not the target customers of the company’s services.


Analytics: Digital marketing views are more quantifiable than the ads of the previous times. One can precisely record and study which ads translated into more click-throughs and more revenue. This can help further trim budget wastage.


Search Engine Optimisation: The process of creating web content that will rank higher is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Generally, the factors that affect the rank are; content of the page, URL, page title, age of the domain, trust of the domain, topicality and inward and outward links. Off-page optimization is the process of getting quality links back to a webpage and on-page optimization is the process of structuring content and linking within the website in an efficient manner. Getting all the factors right is SEO.


Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimisation: Social media is the holy grail of networking and online marketing services. Social Media Marketing or SMM is the most personalized interaction between the end-user and the marketer. It brings visibility of your business to the palm of the customer’s hand. A person on social media is relaxed and in his or her comfort zone. This is the ideal mindset that an advertiser desires in a potential customer viewing their ads.


SMM adds links to web content that allows it to be shared on social media. This can include RSS Feeds and social media such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube to name a few.


Conclusion: Companies that do not have a presence on digital platforms are going to quickly lose out on visibility. The future is all about digital marketing. However, just throwing some money into a website and some ads is not going to help. It is important to choose the right content creation and digital marketing partner with experience in the field. Creating a strategy for marketing on digital channels will help get the most out of every dollar spent.

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