Digital Marketing Channels

Search Engines: The primary way to finding anything online is by searching for it. The words and phrases that people use to search for a particular thing are called keywords. So, attaining high visibility on a keyword search for one’s services is of vital importance. Any online content that is presented by a business has to be such that it is picked up and displayed by search engines. The rank value that a search engine assigns a page determines if it is shown on the earlier or later pages of a search.


Search Engine Optimisation: Search engines have software that is referred to as spiders or crawlers that scan the web for content that they then categorize and store in the search engines database. This content is indexed based on keywords. The rank of the page is determined by various factors that differ from search engine to search engine.

Since the basis of searches are keywords, the usage of keywords in web content is important. The correct balance between over usage (or keyword stuffing) and optimum usage of keywords is important. A company should have its web content professionally managed to use keywords optimally. This is keyword optimization.



Social Media Optimisation: SMO is the creation of a close interactive marketing channel on social media. The link between the business and the customer, the seller and the buyer also creates a two-way communication channel. Having a robust and interactive presence on social media makes digital marketing services seem less distant and more friendly to the customer. SMO breaks geographical and cultural barriers.


Paid Advertising: Paid advertising or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is when one pays to have one’s ads featured in relevant places on a website or search engine. This process can be refined and fine-tuned based on keywords and the payment methods that differ from site to site.


Mobile App Marketing: The digital generation wants their content to be served as smoothly and with as little hassle as possible. In the world of handheld devices, going that one step beyond web content and search engines is the mobile app. So, being seen on ads displayed on relevant mobile apps and then progressing to convincing the customer to install the businesses app on their device is the last mile in digital advertising. It is literally when your customer allows you space on their device.


Email Marketing: Email marketing is a great way to be seen directly in a potential customer’s mailbox. It is a way to retain visibility and generate repeat business from existing customers. Email marketing has also created one of the greatest headaches in the world of digital marketing services; spam. There is a fine line between staying visible and creating spam. So, creating a permission-based list of email recipients with straightforward ways of opting out is the way to go. Campaign creation with efficient list management can build a successful email marketing campaign.

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