Advantages of a Mobile App over a Web App

Personalization and Direct Engagement

While a website or a web app gives the customer a good way to explore your business and services, a mobile app is as individualized, personalized and in your face as you can get. The user experience on a mobile app can be tailored and customized better for the customer’s behavior and preferences. The level of engagement with the customer is more direct and personal.


Cost Savings And Profits

Advertising campaigns to generate visits and thereby business through a website do result in sales as long as the campaign runs. However, when that campaign and web design has resulted in a person downloading your business app to their smart device, you are there to stay, so to speak. They are more likely to see that app and give you repeat business. And if there is a competing app, in these ‘quick and easy’ times it is much easier to just get the product or service on the app that is already installed instead of starting all over. So, for the cost of one click through the return and profit for the app is much higher than that of a website. This makes your advertising and web design budget work much harder for you.


Conversion Rates, Repeat Business and Loyalty

When a person clicks through an advertisement and then installs your app you will have converted that single click-through into a captive audience to many more advertising and marketing campaigns. Having your app on your customer’s device generates familiarity. Your business is just a tap away and your app is likely to remind the customer of you every time they see it. Mobile apps are more likely to generate repeat business. It also makes it easier to implement loyalty schemes and offers to the user based on their individual purchasing behavior.


Enhanced Customer Experience

The average consumer accesses the internet on more than one device. At the same time, they expect personalization and a seamless experience across all devices and platforms as standard. This is much easier to achieve with an installed app than a website.


Visibility and Accessibility

Getting your business virtually installed on a device in the palm of the consumer’s hand gives high visibility and accessibility to your business. If your customer suddenly thinks of making a purchase your app is already available to him/her.



Web design of a company’s online presence is based on its branding theme and strategy. However, it is easier to build brand recognition and recollection when the consumer sees the brand logo, theme, colors etc often on their device. Whereas if the consumer is going to forget to bookmark your website they would then rely upon searching for you again. He/she is more likely than not to also stumble upon your competitor’s promotions and website.


Push Notifications

While there can be too much of a good thing, strategic push notifications, as well as exciting app updates are an excellent way to keep your customer engaged and in touch.

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